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Silver Jewellery – For A Subtle Sparkle

Right from shells, feathers and stones, jewels have evolved as precious metals and stones. Today, there are industrial processes that utilize machines to manufacture polished jewellery. The designs and techniques have undergone immense transition since the time real jewellery came into the picture. Gone are the days when gold used to rule the world of […]

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Why Wear Silver Jewellery ?

There are different kinds of jewellery nowadays, and silver earrings are the most popular of them all. You might be wondering why should you wear these kind of earrings if you have a collection of gold jewellery in your jewellery box. Since silver is the trend nowadays, you may want to add in a few […]

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Choosing and Caring for Silver Jewellery

Silver is a great addition to your jewellery collection and can be dressed up in many different ways. Silver is a precious metal that is easily manipulated to form various shapes, according to what you want to achieve. Due to its semi-durability, it’s mixed with a bit of copper to strengthen and protect it from […]

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