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Summer Jewellery Accessories

Most women forget the importance of investing in good quality jewellery accessories. We are all culprits for buying our jewellery accessories as an after thought, but STOP!!! Why Not? Accessories bought without much thought or from a budget retailer can make any outfit, no matter how expensive loose it look. However, good quality accessories will […]

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Fine Silver Jewellery – An Aid to Day-to-Day Stylishness

One thing for sure is that fine silver jewellery is not something that everyone likes to wear. Whilst silver does not enjoy the universal popularity that gold does, it nonetheless has its own qualities that make it distinct and appealing. For one, silver is cool in contrast to the warmth of gold. Despite the difference […]

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5 Things I Love About Sterling Silver Jewellery

If you love to wear jewellery whether simply for itself or to accessorize then you need to know the 5 reasons why I love sterling silver jewellery and why you should love it too. I’ve listed below my reasons. I’m sure you will agree and possibly be able to think of more of your own. […]

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